Antartica’s Largest Iceberg Will Soon Be Non-Existent

On its course to the equator, this massive iceberg breaking off of Antartica’s Ross Shelf is nearing destruction.


The iceberg, called B-15, has been drifting away from Antartica for around 20 years, covering more than 6,600 miles. The iceberg has gradually fractured into multiple smaller sections, and the section pictured is called B-15Z.


This map tracks the course of B-15Z over time, and the iceberg is now passing the South Georgian Islands. The iceberg is nearing the equator, and the warmer tropical waters will quickly melt away the gargantuan ice mass,

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UV Forecast-

Weather Underground- Health Map provides site visitors with a color coded map showing the UV Index that day and the previous few days before. UV Index measures the strength of radiation from the sun, and without proper awareness and protection, these rays can be extremely harmful. I am writing this post from New Jersey, and even though the map shows the Index to be low to moderate today, I think it is still important to be mindful of sun rays in any weather. Of course summertime will show a higher radiation level, but it is better to always be safe then sorry later on in life !

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