The Most Sexually Diseased States in the US: A CDC study of Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea Rates in the United States.



In a study by the CDC for the year of 2016, the rates of sexually-transmitted infections (STI) per state was studied. The map seen above shows the comparison of the rates of each state. The state with the highest STI rate in 2016 was Alaska; in comparison, the state with the lowest STI rate was Vermont. It is very interesting to see where the states are that have the higher rates (lower numbers on the scale) and most of them are states in the South East.




Shopping for Health Care in South Carolina

South Carolina HealthCare Data

South Carolina’s Medicaid agency released a map showing the financial data of the state’s 60 hospitals. The data allows patients to comparison shop for health care such as non-emergency care as high-deductible plans push more of the cost of health care onto workers. There is five years’ worth of profitability and occupancy data of hospitals statewide, as well as what each hospital collected from Medicaid for treating uninsured patients. People can search for hospitals by name, find them on a map or compare up to four at a time from a list.

It’s expected audience includes legislators and policy makers.

Read the full article here and check out the map.

Juhi Mawla, Intern,