A Little Green Does the Body Good

We think that health maps do not only consist of physical health, but also mental! If you are living in the concrete jungle, and although it is beautiful in it’s own unique way, maybe you want to be surrounded by more nature.

I found this cool and informational map by Hana Alberts on ny.curbed.com that shows 40 gardens, parks, and green spaces in NYC that you might not know about! Instead of making the trip to Central Park, check out one of these cool spaces. Go to ny.curbed.com or click here to view the map and website! Thanks Curbed!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.37.17 PM.png


NYrestroom – Peace of mind is just a click away

Traveling in and around New York City will be a lot less stressful especially when you find yourself in that desperate time of need… searching for a public bathroom. This site and app, which can be accessed by any device, maps out all the public restrooms around NYC, and even shares photos of how they look. What makes this map different from other public access maps is that anyone can add points in, share photos, and update at anytime. This community map can be constantly updated with the help of whoever is in the city and wants to use it. This map was featured in The New Yorker, and put together in only 3 days, pretty impressive. Check out the site yourself, and add any point just by signing in as a guest.

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Posted by Eva Gerrits, Intern. Click here to view site. Contact at gis@vertices.com

Interested in Learning GIS?

Always wanted to learn GIS  but never found an opportunity? You’re in luck! Classes are being offered by by the Wayne County Assessor’s Office and the Wayne County/Richmond Geographic Information System Interlocal in Richmond, IN and Laredo Community College and Del Mar College in Laredo, TX. The separate programs are aimed for the public to learn more about GIS technology.

Richmond, IN area: Read the full article here and check out the site for more details.

Laredo, TX area: Read the full article here and call LCC Continuing Education Department at 956-721-5374 if you are interested.

Juhi Mawla, Intern, gis@vertices.com