Applicaiton of GIS in Health: Proximity Analysis

GIS is a powerful tool with various applications. One very useful of such is the ability to produce proximity analysis. It essentially gives an idea of how close one variable is to another, cartographically. For example, look into the below map.

Proximity Analysis of Injury with playgrounds, Pittsburg, PA


I created the above map using the tutorials in ESRI website for ArcGIS & the content from GIS Tutorial for Health. The above map shows the location of injury to residents and looks for how it is related to the playgrounds in the city. A simple analysis using ArcGIS software yielded the following results:


This helps us have an idea that most of the injuries happen away (1200 feet away, if not atleast 600 feet away) from the playground. Another interpretation of the results would be: 16% more injuries occur more than 600 feet away from the playground as compared to within 600 feet.  we can conclude by simple spatial reading that playgrounds have a probable protective effect against injuries. Let promote playground on the week of the French Opens!

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