Hurricane Sandy: Who died, Where and Why?

Picture1Hurricane Sandy sure did wreck havoc into our lives! But it is over now and things have been fleetingly getting back to normal. The economic, health and environmental impact of the storm are just beginning to be felt but that is for the government to worry about. There are individuals however who will never forget Sandy. People who will never get to see their loved ones again, thanks to Sandy.

This interactive map showing names of people who died, where they died, nature of their death and their age was first published by the New York Times based on data that was collected as deaths were being reported.

Visit theguardian for downloadable data on all reported deaths across the continent.

Data Source: The New York Times

Renice Obure, Research Intern,

Realigning of national boundaries


South Sudan was the result of more than a decade long civil strife in the Republic of Sudan. Now with more economic and civil unrest occurring remotely in different areas of the world, there is an anticipation of a looming realignment of  the national boundaries that would result in a new map looking like this according to an opinion piece in NY TIMES Published on 09/22/2012

The colored areas highlight the areas in which new boundaries are likely to occur due to the current and political atmosphere of these areas.

For more information visit the  interactive map 

For this piece there is country specific information for Belgium, Congo DRC, Mali, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, (Siberia-China-Russia) and Korea.

Source: NY TIMES OPINION by Jacob and Farag Khanna

Renice Obure, Research Intern, Vertices,