Launch of Healthmap 2014


Healthmap 2014 is a resource for flight departments and executives to understand the level of preparation needed by travelers prior to departure and the degree of medical support they may need once at their destination. The map was created by MedAire, a International SOS company that provides business and general aviation clients with medical, travel and safety services in-flight and at destination. Pilots and flight departments can see at a glance the medical and travel risk ratings, local time, current weather, and NOTAMS for each destination on their itinerary.

Read the article here and check out the map here.

Juhi Mawla, Intern,

Unilever Goes GIS


Lifebuoy a product of the Unilever company meant to provide clean hands and bodies has teamed up with healthmap to provide even more! Healthy people! In this interactive map Lifebuoy employs GIS to offer real time alerts and information on the current outbreaks around the globe, the exact location and the severity. Unilever goes the extra mile of providing  hands-on prevention tips.  And the website design is a plus, it has the consumer in mind! This is gold for globe trotters!

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Source: Lifebuoy Healthmap

Renice Obure, Research Intern, Vertices,