Say No to DIY Braces


Home kits for braces have been all the rage as of late. But these braces can cause major problems with those that purchase them. These diy braces use clear aligners to move teeth into a more desired setting. But since there are no orthodontists to monitor the shifting of the teeth there is no way to tell if they are being properly aligned.

The kits include an impression tray for you to manually take an impression of your mouth with then aligners after that that should correlate with the shifting of your teeth on a monthly basis. The customers just send the company selfies of their teeth as a progress tracker of the alignments.

Without the constant supervision of orthodontists braces can do more harm than help. Teeth shifting is a serious ordeal and should be taken as such. If teeth are shifted too quickly or into the wrong alignment there could be irreparable damage. That is why an orthodontist should be present to make sure that your teeth are moving correctly. Regular consumers are not qualified to do that and should not be in charge of something so important.