Nepal Relief Map-

Our team at Vertices created a community map that will help the people of Nepal and those there assisting with relief. This map found on, provides a quick and easy way for earthquake victims to add information about the aid they need. By making a visual public map, earthquake relief teams and individuals can see where and what type of aid is needed in a specific area.

We used information from and created a map using our program Mappler. We determined different aid categories that will help the people of Nepal and added need to know variables such as if victims of the disaster need water, food, shelter, or medical aid. We continually add new information to the site, and those in Nepal can add their own data to the map as well. People in the area can either log in and create an account or just sign in as a guest, and are then able to quickly fill out the information they want to be made public. This map makes it easy to see what areas need help and with what exactly they need help with. This horrific disaster has damaged large areas, and injured and killed many people. The Vertices team hopes this map makes it easier to help those in need! Please share the link on social media to spread the word-

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What’s Happening in Haiti?

Haiti Aid Map offers a quick way of viewing and navigating the many projects that are going on right now in Haiti. The data on the site represents only a fraction of all NGO projects, but even in the health sector alone, there are over 160 current documented and mapped projects running. The initiative is focused on collecting information on NGOs’ work at the project level and making this information transparent to donors, other NGOs, businesses, governments, and more through an easy to access online interactive map. Check it out here!

Lisa MacCarrigan, Research Assistant, Vertices,