Barbershop Helps Fight Health Disparities in Black Men

In Madison, Wisconsin the JP Hair Design Barbershop is changing the health of the community. This barbershop also houses a health center. Many men come into the barbershop to get a haircut and come out with not only that but more knowledge about their health. At the barbershop they noticed that men came in talking about their health problems but once they left it seemed those issues were not being resolved. All that changed when Aaron Perry received a grant to open his health center in the barbershop.

The grant was for $300,000 and includes plans to maintain and expand to other barbershops. The familiar environment of the barbershop makes the men more comfortable talking about their health problems and getting treated for them. This is important because in Wisconsin African American makes live seven years shorter than white males in the same state. The other barbershops may not have a whole health center in them, but they will provide educational materials and referrals to health care providers.