WHO vaccinates citizens of Congo, Researchers hopeful that mapping will stop the recent Ebola outbreak.

The second Ebola outbreak in eight months is happening in Congo. THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is currently vaccinating citizens of the Republic and are hopeful that mapping strategies can help stop the outbreak. The first outbreak of Ebola was discovered in 1976, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As far as mapping the premise, researchers seek to receive help from the community and partnering    organizations.

MAPPING helps researchers find boundaries and different forms of  everyday activity, (i.e. traffic, health centers, outbreak zones).The data will help health care worker’s understand and prevent disease. The data will also give information on those susceptible by location and those recently vaccinated, to compare to other populations by utilizing GIS services.

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Data Scientist, 2020’s job with little people, and a lot of money.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.18.27 PM

In less than five years there will be over 500,000 Data Scientist jobs with only 200,000 people to fill these positions. Out of the global companies used to gather this data, 63% of the companies ,currently,  pay for these practices to be taught to their employees. WITH Facebook’s 200 million photos in 24 hours and Twitter’s a billion tweets in three days, the demand for Data Scientist is growing as individuals get acclimated to the technological advances of the 21st Century. SQL, R Programming, and Python are essentials that one who seeks to make a living in this lucrative field should possess. If you are an effective communicator, analytical problem solver, or posses curiosity in intellectual properties consider making this your breadwinner or trade of the 21st Century. Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.11.55 PM



Health care is broken. Oscar Health thinks Tech can fix it.

America’s healthcare industry is a mess: from confusing regulations to perverse incentives. Meanwhile, Mario Schlosser, the CEO of Oscar Health, has moved from academia and created a company, called Oscar, with Joshua Kushner (brother of Jared Kushner) to try to solve these problems. “The goal of Oscar is to do to health care what Uber did to the taxi industry: use smart digital technology to make everything faster and easier for customers, and then use the data gathered to build radically new services, which can collect more data that leads to new services.” said Schlosser. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has committed roughly $375 million in investments to this digital relief.



Bike-to-Work Commuter Rate By County

bike rate by county 2014


Bicycling in the United States is on the rise and as such, the USA has started to incorporate Bikeshare companies in many of the major metropolitan cities of the country. For instance in 2017, there were over 100 bikeshare systems throughout the states. In addition to bikeshare companies, many individuals commute to work using a bike for transportation. In a comparison of cities for those who use bicycles to commute to work, Portland, Oregon was the number 1 city with a rate of 6.1 percent. It is very interesting to note on this map where the highest and lowest rates of commuting to work via bicycle are in the United States. This map was generated from @mapmakerbot using the US Census ACS 2014 5-year data.

Map of Evacuation Routes in Houston, TX

Please check out this map I created using ArcGIS. It details areas in Houston, Texas that are at-risk during an evacuation.


Click on the following link for more information about the map! https://noorg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=8747f88810524c40bf7122fbbd759a42