Singapore confirms 41 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus

Singapore confirmed 41 cases of Zika virus mostly among foreign construction workers in the southeastern area. All but seven of the infected were fully recovered and the seven still remain in the hospital. None of the workers traveled across any active zones of Zika virus, so it is self-evident that the 41 cases were locally transmitted. The construction site where majority of the infected people were first found discontinued work and evacuated the worker dormitory for inspection. Zika virus could be critical to pregnant women causing microcephaly, babies being born with small heads leading to development issues.

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Hot Spot Analysis of Breast Cancer Incidence Rates (2006-2010)

Does it surprise you to see that there are high breast cancer incidence rates in the North East? Today’s map of the day is a hot spot analysis of Breast Cancer Incidence Rates by county within the United States. How does your county compare to the rest?

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Breast Cancer Incidence_2006_2010_all_Races_Hot_Spot

Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hot Spot Analysis of Alcohol Abuse Mortality (2000-2009)

Alcohol abuse is when you drink too much on occasion, and while it is similar to alcoholism, it is not synonymous.  Alcohol abuse can lead to poor judgment, like driving while impaired. Today’s map of the day is a hot spot analysis of Alcohol Abuse Mortality rates within the United States. According to the map above, it seems that there are low rates in the east, but as you move further west, the rate of alcohol abuse mortality increases.

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Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health official warns Zika could spread across U.S. Gulf

Possibility of Zika virus spreading across the U.S. Gulf Coast arose as the virus was confirmed to be active in tourist hub, Miami Beach. U.S. health officials confirmed that infection in the pregnant mothers could cause a serious birth defect microcephaly, baby born with a small head size and leading to development problems. The New York State Department of Health started releasing Zika Prevention Kits for pregnant women on August 2nd.

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Driverless Taxis May Come Around Fast

Uber is working on a collaborated project with Volvo to allow customers to summon driver-less automobiles. The project will begin in a fortnight at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and will drop the standard rate, $1.30 per mile, and offer the service for free over a certain period of time. All you have to do is request a car as usual, via Uber’s app, and a driver-less car will be in your service in no time.

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Diversity Probabilities: Theil Index Hot Spot Analysis (2000)

How diverse is America?

Today’s map of the day is the Diversity Probabilities of 2000 according to Theil Index Hot Spot Analysis. Areas in red are highly diverse, while those in blue are not as diverse. So, how does your state compare to the rest of the United States? Is it as diverse as you think?

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Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.33.49 PM.png

Data Source: US Census Bureau

Medicare-Certified Dialysis Facilities (2016)

Today’s map of the day details the distribution of Medicare-Certified Dialysis Facilities of 2016. Compared to the Eastern region of the United States, it seems the presence of dialysis clinics in the mid-west is lower. Check out the map above, and try to think of a reason for why that may be.

Any ideas?

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Dialysis facilities

Data Source: