Opioid Crisis: What is emerging?







On October 26, 2017, the Trump administration declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Because opioids are taking the lives of about 100 people daily, it has been deemed the “worst drug crisis in American history.” As of yesterday, November 21, 2017, the NIH is moving in the direction of creating a way to measure the pain that patients present to their doctors. Could this be a way to solve the opioid epidemic? Read more here.

By Domonique Early


Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes presents as one of the most challenging diseases that can cause other health complications. The mortality map above provides a visual on the death rate caused by Type 2 Diabetes by county for the year 2015. From the map we see multiple states effected across the United States with many states showing multiple counties that have been effected. We also see multiple states where mortality caused by Type 2 Diabetes is not an issue. What could we do to possibly decrease the rates in the effected counties and possibly join the states that aren’t effected at all?

By Domonique Early

Diagnosed Diabetes Incidence Rate By County 2013


Today’s map shows the incidence rate per 1,000 population of diagnosed diabetes by county for the year 2013. From the map we can see a a clearly various southern states have a higher incidence indicated by the dark shading. In contrast, we see there are lower rates of diagnosed diabetes in counties within various Western states indicated by the yellow/yellow orange shading. Interestingly, we can see a similar pattern when comparing the previous map of obesity prevalence by county for the year 2013. Why might this be?

By Julia Watson

Percent Of Veteran Enrollee By County FY2015


Most Veterans who served on active duty for at least 24 continuous months and who were released under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible to enroll in the VA for health care [1]. Check out this map that shows the percent of Veteran Enrollees by County for the Fiscal Year of 2015.

By Julia Watson

Medicare Part D Opioid Prescribing Rate by Zip code Tennessee 2014

OpiodbyZip2014 (002)

Medicare beneficiaries have the option of enrolling in Medicare Part D to get assistance with covering the cost of their prescriptions drugs. Medicare Part D is not automatically include and is available in two ways, if you have Medicare Part A or Part B. Check out this map that shows the Medicare Part D opioid prescribing rate in Tennessee for the year of 2014 at the zipcode level.

For further information regarding opioids click here.

By Julia Watson

Buprenorphine Treatment Practitioners – 2017


Check out this map that shows physicians authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine by state as of 2017. From the map we can a large clusters of practitioners providing buprenorphine treatment practice in the southern and eastern states and in western states such as California. Why might this be?

By Julia Watson