I Need a Ride to the Dentist!!!


The maps listed shows the location of practicing dentists in the Miami,Fl area. Areas that are highlighted in orange/red are areas that experienced a high number of residents reporting not having a working vehicle at their home. Based on our research and maps created, you can see a huge shortage in availability of practicing dentists in areas that are lacking transportation. What you will also notice is a huge difference in the amount of practicing dentists in South Miami compared to North Miami. Being able to bring a clear visualization of health disparities such as oral care is important in decreasing healthcare costs in the US.



With the use of these maps, we get clear visualizations of health disparities experienced by under-served communities and it allows for a better understanding of ways to combat these disparities.



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Opioid Prescribing Rate By County 2014


Check out this map of the day shows the rate of opioid prescription by county for the year of 2014 per 100 persons. From the map we can see many counties within various southern states and some western states, such as Northern California and Organ, have higher rates indicated by the dark brown shading. Are you able to identify some counties that once had a higher rate in 2014 compared to the previously posted 2015 and 2016 maps?

By Julia Watson

Tox Town- NLM.gov

I came across an easy to use, easy to learn from, & very interactive site put together by the US National Library of Medicine. The name of the site is Tox Town, and here you can pick which neighborhood you would like to learn more about (city, farm, port, town, border region, or southwest) and learn locations in those neighborhoods where potential hazardous chemicals could be.

When I visited the site I choose the town as my neighborhood, and as you can see in the picture there are various locations given and are shown where they are on the map by just scrolling over the name. If you click on a particular location for example the school, additional information is given on what toxic substances could be present. Looking at the picture, you can also see names of chemicals that could be potentially found in the town, and again scrolling over the name will show you where the chemicals are found on the map.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 3.33.09 PM

This site is great for learning and helpful for all ages. Props to the NLM! Check out the site on http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/index.php

Posted by Eva Gerrits, Intern. Click here to see the site. Contact at gis@vertices.com