Nationwide HPV Vaccination Percentages



This map depicts the HPV vaccination percentages in the United States as of August 2017. It is easy to see the vast differences in HPV vaccination rates in the West and Northeast versus that of the Central states and the Southeast. For more information, you can visit the CDC’s web page covering the HPV vaccine.

Ovarian Cancer Prevalence in the United States

ovarian cancer rates 2015


This map depicts the rate of Ovarian Cancer prevalence in the United States as of 2015. The CDC reports that Ovarian cancers is ranked fourth in the top ten causes of cancer deaths in the United States. Check out more information on this map at USCS’s cancer statistics webpage on the CDC site.







Areas Where Vaping is Banned or Restricted



Governments are back and forth in deciding how healthy vaping truly is. Based off of the World Health Organization’s opinion in 2014, which highlighted concerns about the health effects of vaping, this map depicts countries that have either banned or placed restrictions on vaping. For more information you can visit The Sun, a news UK company’s webpage.




Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas



Amidst the nationwide discussion about suicide and mental health preservation, this map depicts the areas in the United States which suffer from a lack of mental health professionals and facilities. The Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA) designates Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) scores to determine which areas are the most in need of more health professionals. Higher scores on this scale indicate an area with greater need.

At cursory glance, this map does not follow any overwhelming trends, with respect to cardinal directions; however, this map should spark more discussion about the socioeconomic and environmental factors that play a role in an individual’s access to mental health facilities and care. Conversations should also take place about how to get more mental health professionals established in the areas that in desperate need of service.

More information on this map can be found at the Rural Health Information Hub’s webpage.

The Controversial Debate Over Abortion Rights: US Map Depicting States’ Opinion



As the US continues discussion about states’ rights and the issue of abortion, this map depicts the differing stances taken by each state. You can see clusters of like-minded opinions, making this information valuable in any future discussion about abortive rights. You can find more information on this map at Guttmacher Institutes’ web page.

Cancer rates decrease nationwide, but cancer clusters still persist.



CNN reports that cancer rates have decrease from 1980, but there are still certain areas where cancer clusters are prevalent. This map is very interesting in that it can help jump-start more conversations about environmental facts that could be playing a huge role in the incidence of cancer. For more information, visit CNN’s report.

Surveillance of Hepatitis A Outbreaks: State-by-State Counts from 2017-2018



In the midst of newsworthy Hepatitis A outbreaks in Kentucky, San Diego, and Michigan, this map depicts the number of Hepatitis A incidents across the United States from 2017-2018. The number fluctuations in each state over the last year is alarming considering that there are few national regulations being put into place in the realm of food safety. Catherine Huddle from Food Safety News explains that although the CDC recommends that all children should be vaccinated at the ages of 1 and 2, ” the CDC has not recommended Hepatitis A vaccinations for food service workers” (Huddle, 2018). We can only hope that more information and awareness of Hepatitis A outbreaks can help force a decline in it’s prevalence. For more information of state reported Hepatitis A incidents you can visit the Food Safety News web page.