As Hurricane Florence hits, USDA is leveraging GIS for better emergency communications

sat_image” As hurricane season hits the East Coast, public affairs officials at federal agencies grapple with how best to communicate with citizens in the path of the storm. One key way to deliver public safety information is through local media outlets. But how do they identify which news outlets best serve, for example, the broad stretch of coastline where Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall?

An enterprising communications coordinator at the U.S. Department of Agriculture says he’s identified a way to streamline this job using geographic information system (GIS) mapping.”

How Does HIPAA Apply to Wearable Health Technology?

How Does HIPAA Apply to Wearable Health Technology?
The use of wearable health technology is expected to expand substantially within the next few years. How do HIPAA security and privacy protections apply to wearables and the health data they collect and store?


EPA is Now Accepting Proposals for the 2014 Environmental Education Grants Program

from Environmental Justice Mailing List

“Proposals for the initial stage of the 2014 Environmental Education (EE) Grants Program are now being accepted. This year, EPA intends to issue two Requests for Proposals (RFP) under the EE Grants Program; the EE Model Grants RFP is now available for viewing. Three grants, for approximately $192,200 each, will be awarded under this RFP.

Under the EE Model Grants RFP, EPA seeks grant proposals to support EE projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship. Projects under this RFP will help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment. Proposals must include projects that design, demonstrate, and/or disseminate model EE practices, methods, or techniques. Each funded proposal must demonstrate replicability by locating and conducting the project in more than one state or U.S. territory during the project period.

EPA anticipates releasing an additional RFP under the 2014 EE Grants Program in early winter, for local grants that will be awarded by EPA regional offices. Visit the 2014 EE Grants Program webpage for details on how to apply. “

Accessiblity to Primary HealthCare in Western Rwanda

Rwanda has been on the forefront for implementing primary healthcare networks better than most developing countries in the recent years. GIS mapping has been found effective in understanding the accessibility of these facilities to the population for purposes of better planning and modelling for other nations. Primary health care is the backbone for achieving the millennium development goals(MDG’s) which advocate for affordable and accessible health care to all.


Source: International Journal of Health Geographic

Renice Obure, Research Intern, Vertices,