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This site is developed by VERTICES, a GIS consulting firm working to connect people and connect communities with GIS technology.


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This blog shows how GIS gives new meaning to public health professionals who need to utilize the technology as part of their daily research activities. With many available functions to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data, researchers utilize GIS for disease surveillance, data collection, and data visualization.The site addresses how GIS is continually used in healthy research and promotion such as disease surveillance, community health projects, or other research projects which it has encountered.


We share with you some interesting mapping sites we have made and also found on the Web that incorporate the important relationship between GIS & health. If you have any interesting maps you want us to share please send them to eva.gerrits@vertices.com 


– Wansoo Im, Ph.D., VERTICES, LLC

– Eva Gerrits, Sales and Marketing Manager, VERTICES, LLC