Dental Visit Changes Tongue-tied Texas Boy’s Life


For most of Mason Motz’s life he was unable to speak. His parents nor pediatricians he went to knew what was wrong. One of his doctors even diagnosed him with Sotos syndrome, which affects growth and development. He was placed in speech therapy classes for years to help him speak. Mason communicated with his friends and family using boards with pictures and objects on them. Even with all of these different methods being utilized Mason still could not speak.

All of that was changed when Mason turned six. He had a visit with a dentist to tend to his cavities. The dentist quickly discovered why Mason was not able to speak. Mason was severely tongue-tied. This meant that the lingual frenulum that anchors the tongue in the mouth did not give Mason enough room to speak. His tongue was stuck at the bottom of his mouth and unable to move around to form words or sounds. The dentist performed a simple frenectomy to cut the lingual frenulum and free his tongue. The procedure took only a few minutes and Mason was able to speak.

Since his operation Mason has been functioning as a normal talkative six year old. He has even seen an improvement in his other health problems. He no longer snores or suffers from sleep apnea. He also is behaving better in school because he can communicate with others more effectively.