The Obesity Crisis

It is no surprise that obesity affects various counties and is a global finial burden on healthcare. One might question is obesity really THAT prevalent? Well according to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine this year, yes, obesity is. The study looked at data on 68.5 million people where body weight trends between 1980 to 2015 were assessed and the results were astonishing. Approximately 30 percent of all people on Earth are overweight or obese. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United States were the top three fattest countries amongst the top 100 most populated nations (27.5, 26.8 and 26.5 percent of people being overweight or obese). In addition, the Unities states had the highest childhood obesity followed by Saudia Arabia and Canada. Hopefully with this new error of healthy eating and exercising overtime these rates can be reduced. Check out the article!


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By Julia Watson: