Vice President Biden Pushes For “Cancer Moonshot”

Vice President Joe Biden initiated “Cancer Moonshot” last year, and recently reported his plans for the next administration to push forward cancer research and care.

While the vice president is optimistic about the future of the initiative that enable us to “re-imagine a cancer enterprise for the 21st Century.”, he points out several remaining barriers to progress: it takes “team science” to accomplish breakthroughs in research, which is lacking in the current system; clinical trials have trouble in retaining and recruiting participants, and the lack of open accessed and rapidly shared data.

President Obama designated $195 million this year for National Institute of Health to carry out the initiative. The Congress will be likely to boost the funding in the next fiscal year once election is passed. Though Funding isn’t certain, the initiative has bipartisan support so that future infusion of cash is under way. Various private partners also champion the moonshot initiative and will pool more funding for research.

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