Ebola News; the Good, the Bad, and the Far Off

The uproar from the Ebola virus seems to surpass every other epidemic that is going on at the same time. Even though Ebola is not easily obtained, and only one has died in the US from it so far, this disease caused the public (especially in the US) to almost overreact and misconstrue the facts.

Along with the Ebola twitter tracking, Vertices LLC provided the general public with a map that showed the facts, fiction, and mistakes surrounding this disease. On EbolaMapping.com in the Ebola Pulse section, you can find exactly where there are real cases, real quarantined spots, and where the real risks are. With the many news stories and social media posts involving Ebola, the full truth can be hard to determine. The site is a helpful tool that allows you to see all stories about Ebola, and know which ones are fact and which are fabrication and overreactions.


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Created by Eva Gerrits, Intern. Click here to see the site. Contact at gis@vertices.com