Generating Solutions Leading to Healthier Memphis-

This interactive environmental data site established by the Research Center on Health Disparities, Equity, & the Exposome at the University of Tennessee Health Science, provides easy public access to information on health  from environmental and exposures. With these maps the community can easily compare where they live, work, or frequent,  to where potential environmental health risks are located. Some examples of the maps are:


Health Data

This map overlays in-depth health data along with demographics in Memphis. This particular map is showing sites where there are advanced nurses, behaviorists, community health centers, general dentists, licensed hospitals, and primary care units. Other sections provide mapping on Health Indicators, Age Adjusted Mortality Rate, Pregnancy Data, and Demographic Data.

Built Environment

Built Environment
This map is showing Built Environments in Memphis. This particular map displays where there are supermarkets and farmers markets. Other sections of this map provide information on Housing Data, Postal Service Vacancy Data, and Demographic Data.

Physical Environment

Physical Environment
This map shows EPA clean-up sites located around Memphis. Information on Toxic Release Inventory, Demographic Data, Solar Radiation and Land Use is also available.

Social Environment

This map displays where there are colleges and universities, charter schools, libraries, and public schools. Other maps on this site show Safety Data Locations, Employment Data, 211 Calls, Demographic Data, and TN WMS Layers


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