Potholes wreaking havoc to your car? Map ‘em.


With the onslaught of snow and the weary winter weather, numerous potholes are popping up everywhere on roads and highways. Recently, there have been increasing reports of potholes. Potholes have even been causing many drivers to be stranded on roads and highways in the icy weather with flat tires. Potholes are also a potential cause of automobile accidents, traffic problems, and other types of car damage. Drivers are unaware of presence of potholes and danger that they are facing.

To better inform municipal governments and other drivers unaware of the presence and dangers of potholes, we have created a community map that can be accessed by the mobile web or via the Mappler app. There are two maps; for users in New Jersey and New York City. Community members can log details for potholes such as location, size, depth, width and approximate location of the pothole on the road. This information can be used by municipal governments to get to working on patching up the potholes and start easing road hazards.

“Community Participatory Mapping is a great method of how people can share location based information and communicate effectively,” said Dr. Im, a community participatory mapping expert who had also created Hurricane Sandy Gas Station Map in 2012, which allowed storm-struck locals to track gas availability on their smartphones. He had also created NYRestroom map in 2006.

Please help us spread the word to get as many participants as possible!

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NJ Potholes: http://mappler.net/njpothole
NYC Potholes: http://mappler.net/nycpothole

For more information, contact us at Vertices at gis@vertices.com or (732) 418-9135.

Juhi Mawla, Intern, gis@vertices.com