“New England study shows kids’ health care can vary widely by location.”

The Dartmouth Atlas released a report on a new study of pediatric care which identifies regional variations in the kinds of treatment and medication children receive. A previous study conducted in 1970, showed a 40% variation in tonsillectomies among children in the same age group based on where they lived. The new study replicated and expanded on the same issues. Tonsillectomies were four times higher in New Hampshire than in Maine. There was a 26% difference in annual physician visits among children in New Hampshire, a 78% difference in lead screening rates among children under two years of age between New Hampshire and Maine, and a 40% difference in medications prescribed for children with ADHD across Maine. This leads to more questions like: Could socio-economic factors be driving the variations of care in New England?
Reported by CNN
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/11/health/regional-care-variations/index.html?hpt=he_t4
New England Tonsillectomies