Mapping Sanitation Facilities in Bangladesh

SHARE (Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity) is a consortium of five organizations that have come together to generate rigorous and relevant research for use in the field of sanitation and hygiene. SHARE is a five year initiative (2010-2015) funded by the UK Department for International Development ( An objective of SHARE is to both synthesize existing knowledge and to generate new knowledge for improved policy and practice.

In April 2012, Joseph Pearce and Sue Cavill, of SHARE’s partner WaterAid, were in Bangladesh to pilot the SHARE-funded Sanitation Mapper – an online tool to map sanitation facilities. The tool was designed to provide both area-based mapping and point-based mapping in efforts to provide useful information that could impact decision-making, planning, and the overall understanding of access to sanitation in particular areas of interest. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has offered individuals with a mechanism for better understanding and addressing pressing issues and need. The pilot Sanitation Mapper offers a way for managers and planners to better understand where increased access to sanitation is needed.

To read more about the April 2012 Bangladesh pilot project, check out Mapping Sanitation Facilities in Bangladesh.

Pearce and Cavill have since then conducted further testing and training of the Sanitation Mapper in Tanzania in June 2012.

Lisa MacCarrigan, Research Assistant, Vertices,