GIS Technology Plays Important Role to Map Disease and Health Trends


Thanks to the advancements in geographic information systems (GIS) technologies and mapping applications like ArcGIS, health organizations worldwide are mapping disease and sickness trends in an effort to treat them locally and globally.

GIS tools and ArcGIS mapping applications play an important role in developing data-driven solutions that help health organizations visualize, analyze, interpret and present complex geo-location data.

For example, recently released a report that several Massachusetts swans tested positive for low-path avian influenza or bird flu. Although the report indicated there is no threat to human health, this latest finding is just an example of how GIS can help save lives in the case of an outbreak.

The need for GIS professionals who are proficient using ArcGIS will be even greater as organizations develop innovative ways to harness the data integration and spatial visualization power of GIS.

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Source: Directionsmag

JinGu Lee, Vertices, research intern,


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