Breast Cancer Hotspot Geospatial Application

GE is hosting a HealthyMagination Challenge to support innovation ideas to fight cancer. One of the competitors proposes a Breast Cancer Geospatial Application.

We propose to utilize the publicly available (e.g. Census, HHS, SEER, etc) and privately available data (e.g. IMS Health’s PharMetrics) to create a “heat map” that is able to aggregate the rate of incidence of breast cancer, by stage at the time of diagnosis. The target is to identify top 15% regions or hot spots where rate of late stage cancer diagnosis is atypically higher than normal. It can be inferred that if earlier diagnosis can be achieved in these regions, then increasing number of patients would be detected at an earlier stage of cancer than current state, thereby improving the overall survival. Thus, recommendations can be made to organizations (government and non-government) to direct the educational/screening program resources to these identified “hot spots”.

Winners of different types of support will be announced in early 2012.

Information taken directly from: Directions Magazine

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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