Hurricane Irene Maps and Resources

With Hurricane Irene headed up the East Coast of the United States, there are a number of maps and resources online to help you keep track of the storm.

There is a New York specific Crisis Map for Hurricane Irene, including Evacuation Zones, Shelter, and Storm Tracking. Sources include NYC DatamineFEMAAmerican Red Cross and other organizations. Climate Central also created a Google Map showing the areas in lower Manhattan, New Jersey, and Brooklyn that are most at risk of storm surges from Hurricane Irene. A chart of town-by-town evacuations for Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey are listed on APP. New Jersey Office of Emergency Management posted evacuation maps as well.

The Google Crisis Response team also assembled a collection of map data from  NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and FEMA in the Google Crisis Map for the hurricane. To view the projected and historical path of Hurricane Irene in Google Earth you can visit the Google Earth Gallery or download the KML file.

The New York Times produced a great tracking map of the Hurricane Irene too.

Source: Lat Long Blog; New York Times; Google Map Mania;

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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