UK Riots Maps

In the UK, rioting and looting have spread across the country. The trouble initially flared on Saturday night following a peaceful protest in Tottenham over the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by police. According to Time Magazine, racial tensions  and pre-existing social problems have fomented much of the anger that’s being released.  Shutting down “non-essential” public services such as youth clubs and then the fury at a perceived attempted cover-up of a police shooting, sparked much of the anger.

There are images and several maps now online. The decision to release images of rioters, culled from CCTV footage, on the London police’s Flickr page and via the BBC was made on Tuesday. The police’s Flickr page received around 3 million hits within five hours of going live. Most of the maps reporting the rioting are crowdsourced and almost real-time. The MapTube Map shows locations of the riots and looting on top of the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) layer, revealing that most of the trouble is occurring in areas with high deprivation than in more affluent locations.

Here are some maps and images:

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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