Gambia Promotes GIS Epidemiology Surveillance

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Health and Production Services Department, the US Department of Agriculture organized a five day international training course, Spatial Epidemiology, in Kerr Serign, Gambia.

According to Shiriffo Bojang, the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, there is a need to strengthen epidemiological surveillance use of GIS. Epidemiological data collection and processing is a fundamental prerequisite for effective disease surveillance, prevention, and control.
He said that trans-boundary animal disease (TAD) posses a real threat to the lives of millions of people around the world to both economy and human health. Bojang expressed hope that this training would contribute significantly to the building of national capacities to be able to respond effectively to the threats of TADs as well as the countries in the sub-region, dealing with these disease.
For more information, click here.

Source: Forayaa

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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