Jordan using GIS to ensure food security

Funded under North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, a project aims to address the  gradually increasing arid and semi-arid lands in Jordan.  The project will develop a system to monitor changes in the soil, water, vegetation and climate using remote sensing tools and GIS models. The hope is that the project will be able to warn the Jordanian government where desertification is taking place, before it is too late to take action.
According to Dr Jawad Al-Bakri, Associate Professor at the University of Jordan’s Department of Land, Water and Environment and co-director of the NATO-sponsored project, “If these arid areas desertify, we will have a problem with food security.”  Dr Ayman Suleiman, Associate Professor at the University of Jordan said, “Less arable land and fewer farmers could also mean decreased food production. As a result of such reductions, food insecurity and poverty will continue to increase.”

Source: NATO

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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