Geospatial tech joins battle against AIDS in South Africa

Digital mapping company MapIT is using geospatial technology to help fight the battle against HIV/AIDS in South Africa. According to the company’s press statement, with the many private, NGO, and state organizations involved in HIV education, prevention, and treatment, there are often overlaps and gaps in terms of targeted areas. Funded by the Netherlands and run by the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) in Gauteng, this coordination problem became the rallying point for The Compass Project.

MapIT is offering the project a tool called MarketScope that “pools demographic data and geospatial map data, and has proved to be the suitable solution for charting, in map format, the spread of HIV/AIDS in relation to local population counts,” says the company. It added that geo-coding and mapping allows planners to pinpoint the location and adequacy of earlier established medical resources to service communities in specified areas. This enables practitioners and planners to identify areas of need, or zones of service duplication. To get the closest HIV testing facility and the directions, the public is also able to use the interactive web mapping page.
For more information, click here.
Source: ITWeb

 Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.

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