Interactive maps helping to rebuild Queensland

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) has prepared interactive maps of the destruction caused by the floods and Cyclone Yasi as part of a larger effort to rebuild and reconnect communities affected by the recent calamities.

The QRA interactive map uses aerial and ground level images from across the state. The maps are available as downloadable PDF files, showing before-and-after imagery via an interactive web site which also shows the real imagery of the extent of the damage, both from both the air and ground.

Aerial images showing the destruction caused by Cyclone Yasi are also available for specific areas, and show the path of the cyclone, and the impact on infrastructure.

Mapping the devastation is only part of the reconstruction task. The QRA website also offers information on where citizens can obtain practical help in areas such as financial help; home repairs, insurance, and renting; food, clothing and shelter; health and well-being; education and legal aid.

More than 100 communities are covered by the initial maps, more of which are released progressively as the information is processed.

To see map, click here.

Information taken directly from: Geospatial World

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.


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