Three Gov Mobile Apps Contests – FCC, CDC, EDU

1. FCC – Apps for Communities:

Can a mobile app improve the quality of life for a farmer in America’s heartland? Can a web app help school children in Detroit,MI?

The Knight Foundation and the FCC challenge you to develop a software application (app) that delivers personalized, actionable information to people that are least likely to be online. Using hyper-local government and other public data you should develop an app that enables Americans to benefit from broadband communications — regardless of geography, race, economic status, disability, residence on Tribal land, or degree of digital or English literacy –by providing easy access to relevant content…

The Challenge will offer up to $100,000 in prizes to winning application developers and is intended to bring together providers of public data, developers, and traditionally underserved populations through a national contest…

The Challenge Submission Period begins on April 14, 2011 and ends at 11:59 EDT July 11, 2011 (the “Challenge Submission Period”).

 2. CDC – Using Technology to Fight the Flu:

Applications and technology make it easier to communicate critical information about the flu and its impact. We’re looking for an innovative use of technology to raise awareness of influenza and/or educate consumers on ways to prevent and treat the flu.

We’re challenging you to create new ways to use technology, be it for:

  • the web
  • a personal computer
  • a mobile handheld device
  • any platform broadly accessible to the open Internet…

Applications that best satisfy the competition criteria will receive cash prizes up to $15,000, and the opportunity to have their apps featured on the CDC website…Contestants must register for the contest on this website by creating an account between April 6, 2011 and May 27, 2011….All Submissions must be available for public use and evaluation by May 27, 2011 for public voting and judging purposes.

3. EDU – National Education Association Challenge:

Submissions will be accepted from April 4 – May 13, 2011. A proposed solution must effectively incorporate smart phones or cell phones. Portal registrants can also review, comment and vote. In June, up to 5 solutions will be awarded $1,000 from the NEA Foundation. The solutions selected will be shared by the NEA Foundation and CoSN via multiple outlets.

Source: C2i Mobile Project;; Directions Magazine

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.


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