Earthquake GIS-based preparedness in Bangladesh

Any earthquake with the intensity of 7 on Richter scale at Modhupur region near Dhaka might destroy 72,000 buildings out of 326,600 structures in Dhaka City. To deal with the situation, Bangladesh Government has taken an initiative to make a digital GIS database of buildings and other structures through satellite image.

According to Dr Abdur Razzak, Minister for Food and Disaster Management, the government has assessed the vulnerability of 10,000 buildings in Dhaka, 6,000 buildings in Chittagong, and 3,000 buildings in Sylhet. The Minister said that the faults of epicentres of the earthquake and tremor risk map of Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet have been prepared and in light of the map, contingency plans have been prepared for nine emergency service providing agencies to response in any emergency.

So far the government has procured equipment of BDT 580 million (BDT: Bangladeshi Taka) to carry out rescue operation during post earthquake disaster and a project of BDT 1.64 billion was submitted to the planning commission for procurement of more equipment.


Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.


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