First Respondent was Online for New Zealand Earthquake

An article published today by Rob O’Brien in FutureGov Magazine talks about how vital the online community was to responding to the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. O’Brien says, “online services are again proving how quickly people and information can be connected in an emergency.”

“There’s no doubt New Zealand’s citizens have played the biggest role in the proliferation of news and information through their own personal feeds. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter—Christchurch’s call has been heard loud and clear online.”

This is indeed true. Besides sites set up as resources like Google’s people tracker and crisis maps from Ushahidi and Esri, it was the citizens reports and sharing information through these sites that helped in the initial stages.

The Facebook group, Accommodation for Earthquake Stricken Cantabrians, is serving as a resource to offer and seek accommodations for people in Christchurch.

Now, there are nearly 9000 records recorded on Google’s people tracker.

To read the FutureGov article, click here.



Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern.


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