Is GIS in schools “standard” in your state?

State curriculum standards guide what will or can be taught in many U.S. K-12 classrooms. As a result, concepts and topics, not appearing in the standards are often not taught by the majority of teachers. Once in a while a researcher takes it upon themselves to review the state of geospatial tools in state standards.

The new Education Community forums are now asking, “Where is GIS in your state’s K-12 curriculum standards?” If you know GIS, GPS, or remote sensing is identified in any of your state’s curriculum standards, take a few moments and post a comment. In some states, GIS is appearing in geography, earth science, technical education, and instructional technology programs. You certainly don’t need to know everywhere that GIS is present in your standards. However, if everyone reports what they know, the research will be able to create a better picture of where GIS in educational standards across the US. Information here is directly taken from GIS Education Community Blog.

Here at VERTICES there are a multiple of school projects conducted through one of our programs. To see examples of school projects using GIS, click here.

Join the conversation and post your thoughts to their new Education Community forums!

GIS Education Community Blog

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern


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