Mapping Rio’s slums

Social innovation has come recently in the form of mapping in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rede Jovem, a youth enterprise, has initiated the mapping project Wikimapa. Using mobile technology and GPS systems to map the favelas (-a shanty town) of Rio de Janeiro, they are creating the first real maps of these areas. They are five young women “wiki-reporters,” armed with GPS-equipped mobile phones, that have been mapping the neighborhoods of Complexo do Alemao, Cidade de Deus, Morro do Pavao-Pavaozinho, Morro Santa Marta and Complexo da Mare. The objective is to mark public interest spots on a map and show places like schools and institutions and hospitals and restaurants.

‘Rede Jovem’, which translates roughly as ‘Youth Net’, is a non-profit organization committed to bringing social innovation to the poorest youths of Brazil.

For more information, click here.


Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern


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