Global Cartograms from Worldmapper

Worldmapper is a collection of cartograms developed using a algorithm to make “density-equalizing maps.” It is an interesting way of conveying information in which each country is re-sized according to the variable of interest. Their website contains 696 maps related to a particular subject. The one shown here, for example, is a proportional representation of science growth worldwide.

When choosing a map to view, there are links at the bottom to download a data file giving the values for all the 200 territories defined on the map, a graph (usually a cumulative frequency one) of the data, and a top 10 or 20 table (and the original data used, and its source).

For more details, click here.

I’ve listed links to other maps from their site that I found interesting: Youth Literacy; Science Research; Life Expectancy; Carbon Emissions; HIV Prevalence; Alcohol Consumption; Private Health Spending; Health Service Quality; Condom Use by Men; Condom Use by Women; Cholera Cases ; Refugee Destination


Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern

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