Robots – the new farmers

“Robots from Mechanisation Automation Robotics Remote Sensing (MARRS) could one day run automated farms in Australia, said Dr Adam Postula, a researcher at the University of Queensland.” He also said that “MARRS technologies can control unmanned aircraft or unmanned tractors and can also use detection systems capable of observing environment using visual, infra-red or laser light wavelengths.”
“The emerging technologies can also help farmers by detecting and communicating in real-time variable environmental, field, and crop parameters such as moisture content, temperature and humidity.”
This technology is very similar to the automated mining, described by Dr. Postula. He also said, “It’s not only pursued in space – where you put your plants in particular locations – but also you know almost everything about your soil, about moisture, stuff that really matters for growing. In order to know that you have to have sensors that are close to the plant. That means the sensors must be cheap.”
Dr. Postula concluded by saying, “We expect that walking, moving, flying robots will be a commonplace on Australian farms in future.”


Swati Patel, VERTICES intern


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