GIS Bringing Accoutability to Relief Efforts

After the 2004 tsunami, more than 100 international agencies came to the aid of Aceh Province in Indonesia. GIS was used in “mapping the devastation of the 30m high waves, guiding emergency responders to the affected areas, and coordinating the relief effort,” but it was also used further for accountability. They wanted to ensure the contributions went to the people who needed help so if another disaster occurred, countries would be willing to provide relief again.

Representatives of INTOSAI’s Tsunami Task Force attended a week long training course in the spring of 2006 on how to use geospatial information to help, coordinate, monitor, and audit disaster-related aid at Aceh’s Syiah Kuala University. As a result of the training, a knowledge center was set up in 2007 by the Netherlands Court of Audit-the chair of the Tsunami Task Force and a member of INTOSAI to explore how GIS and geographical data can be used in auditing.

An article from GIM International, entitled “GIS Bringing Accountability to International Relief,” describes the important role GIS is being used for accountability in relief efforts and further describes INTOSAI and the efforts in Aceh Province. To view full article, click here.

GIM International,

Sachiye Day, VERTICES intern


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