Mapping Truck Drivers’ Routes to Health Centers in Africa

Shell, one of the largest oil and energy providers, Maplecroft, risk specialists, and the North Star Alliance, responsible for creating roadside health clinics, have come together to develop and distribute 200,000 maps to truck drivers all over Africa. These maps display the exact location of 160 “wellness centres” with hopes of improving truck drivers’ access to information and treatment for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Truck drivers servicing countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Botswana, Namibia, and more are included in this effort.

Using “SafeTStops”, established and supported by Family Health International and North Star Alliance, the maps are available at the wellness centers that provide various services including screening STIs, HIV testing and counseling, and tuberculosis screening.

To reach the most critical areas of Africa, Dorothy Muroki, the project director for the Regional Outrach Addressing AIDS through Development Strategies II, states that “the wellness centres have been put up in areas where these high-risk groups converge to provide information about HIV and other STIs, prevention methods like condoms, diagnosis of STIs and testing and counselling”.

Source and top picture taken from:

PlusNews and Maplecroft

Bottom picture taken from:

Family Health International

Gretchen Grajo, VERTICES intern


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