Robert Wood Johnson Launches Interactive Tobacco Map

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched a new interactive tobacco map on March 11, 2010. The map features three distinct maps illustrating three components of tobacco policy including smoke-free laws, cigarette tax rates, and total tobacco control spending. Using data from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights, the map allows users to choose individual states and compare the various aspects of tobacco policy.

In addition, the three maps can be broken into different search categories such as limiting the displays to smoke-free restaurants or smoke-free workplaces regarding the smoke-free laws. Displays can also be illustrated according to time period, where a user is able play a timeline beginning from 2000 until present time.

Michelle Larkin, J.D., M.S., R.N., leader of RWJF’s Public Health Team, explains “We know from the research that the two most effective policies to pursue are raising tobacco taxes and putting smoke-free air laws into place…These two policies help to prevent youth from ever starting to smoke and they also help smokers quit.”

Source and picture taken from:
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Gretchen Grajo, VERTICES intern


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