Updates in Emergency Management Common Operational Picture Template

New features are now available for the Public Safety Resource Center Common Operational Picture Template. These features include version updates, new applications, newly available information and code, and general bug fixes.

Version updates:

  • Version updates in the Sample Flex Viewer and ArcGIS API for Flex
  • Newest version of the ERG Geoprocessing tools, fixing various bugs

New applications:

  • A new application that obtains current wind directions on the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) Widget (using METAR weather stations)
  • New widget and Geoprocessing tool, based on the Closest Facilities Example, finds the closest resources considering drive times

Information and data now available:

  • Source code for the application in the Flex Community Code Gallery
  • Report by Exception widgets for both GeoRSS and Live Layer Widgets
  • Live Feeds from the USGS Natural Hazard Support System and the Pacific Disaster Center
  • The Live Feeds Template now runs live with continuous updates

Direct Source and pictures taken from:



Gretchen Grajo, VERTICES intern


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