Location Intelligence Solutions for Health Care and Health Systems

APOS Systems Inc., named the SAP BusinessObjects “Technology Partner of the Year” for delivering innovative standalone application leveraging SAP BusinessObjects technology, will be offering webinars focusing on Health-based Location Intelligence on March 16, 2010 in Vancouver, New York, London, and Sydney.

Titled “APOS Location Intelligence Solution- Putting the ‘where’ in Healthcare”, the webinar emphasizes the importance of location as a critical business component of any healthcare organization. Utilizing the spatial analysis and visualizations of ESRI GIS with business intelligence software provided by SAP BusinessObjects, APOS hopes to improve the planning, execution, evaluation, prevention, and business processes of these organizations.

The software solution hopes to serve all fields in health and health care including areas in public health, human services, hospital and health systems, managed care, and academic programs and research.

For additional information on APOS Webinar or to register, visit the APOS Systems website.

Source and picture taken from:
APOS Systems Inc.

Gretchen Grajo, VERTICES intern


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