Ocean Globe Highlights Use of GIS in Mapping Ocean Floor

Ocean Globe, a new book from ESRI Press, examines bathymetry ( the study of underwater depth of the third dimension) from the work of scientists and educators around the world: oceanographers, explorers and historians. It takes a look at its early history through today’s use of GIS, as well as other technologies being used to map the ocean floor. “Each chapter represents a different facet of maritime research that relies on ocean floor mapping for its success. The topics covered address the diversity of the world’s oceans and seas, placing emphasis on the need for better conversation.” (ESRI) The idea is to use GIS as a tool for sharing information and advancing the science of bathymetry. This book is valuable to in coastal management, seafloor mapping, and marine biology.

“The anthology addresses how recent developments in bathymetry and seafloor mapping are applied to animal migrations, coral reef growth, tsunami forecasts, coastal ecosystems, aquatic farming, whale habitats, and more. In addition, the book includes a special appendix on the history of seafloor mapping—from early line-and-sinker methods to multibeam sounding.” (PRNewswire) Editor of the anthology Joe Breman states “Our perception of the ocean floor has expanded through the use of GIS tools and geospatial applications. The more we know about the underwater environment…the more our lives will benefit.”

Sources: (information taken directly from) PRNeswire, ESRI, Ocean Globe

(Picture taken from: http://downloads2.esri.com/ESRIpress/images/169/oceanglobecoverlrg.jpg)

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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