London’s Emergency Services Utilize UKMap

The GeoInformation Group, a leading provider of high-resolution aerial photography and satellite imagery products and services in Europe, announced that the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), has selected UKMap for risk analysis modeling to decrease the risk on fire fighters. LFEPA, the third largest fire fighting organization in the world, will utilize the various functions of UKMap including: identifying buildings that are high risk to fire fighters, applying the correct water pressures, and effectively using aerial applicances. UKMap also stores additional information including strategic and risk planning capabilities such as building use to examine occupancy numbers and risk profiles.

UKMap is a new large scale map of London showing the heights of all buildings, building types, road detail, land use and points of interest.

The Managing Director of The GeoInformation Group  addresses its applicability as: “UKMap is not just another large scale mapping product but a highly enriched dataset that brings together detailed street-by-street information about London. It will enable the Brigade to extract accurate and meaningful data to aid them in assessing and reducing risk to the community “.

With its use, LFEPA hopes to improve operational efficiency by lowering long term costs and sharing information with other organizations.

Source and bottom right picture:
Top left picture:

Gretchen Grajo, VERTICES intern


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