ESRI: Health Mapping Software & Solutions

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ESRI is devoted to making GIS technology applicable to all fields, especially public health and health care. Goals of health agencies and organizations around the world want to achieve the highest levels of physical and social well-being. GIS technology can achieve these goals. It “helps you leverage limited resourcdes and mulitply the positive impact of benefits to indiciduals, families, and society. GIS improves understanding of the situation, what is needs, how to intervene, offers organizations and analysis tools that expand effectives and meets growing demands and limited budgets.” (ESRI) More specifically industry focus has been comprised of: Public Health, Human Services, Hospitals and Health Systems, Managed Care, and Academic Programs and Research. Through this website you can navigate to videos, interactive maps, and success stories to see what organizations are accomplishing in the public health field with GIS technology.

Source: ESRI

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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