Microsoft and ESRI Bring Mapping Technology to Haiti

Microsoft Corporation and ESRI, a company that specializes in GIS technology, working together have created ‘Fusion Center’. This application has the capability to enable police, as well as other agencies, to share real-time data, collaborate, and display information visually on interactive Bing maps and SharePoint-based tools. After the earthquake disaster in Haiti, this will give the people of Haiti help because the application is designed to be fully scalable so it can be deployed by the smallest agencies at a low cost all while suiting their tremendous needs. This vital role of technical support has contributed to bringing the NetHope Haiti Emergency Center a focal point for all collaborations, reports, events, and contact lists. In addition, the mapping aspect will assist in identifying areas of extreme damage, impacts to critical infrastructure, areas suitable for food and water distribution, etc. ” The goal: take these lessons and apply them in ways that facilitate collaboration and information sharing and help others build joint strategies for the future.”

Source: On Windows

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Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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