Student Group Works to Produce Maps for Haiti Relief Effort

A group of students, professors, and researchers in the geography and remote sensing fields spent their time in Boston University’s Center for Remote Sensing to produce maps for the relief effort in Haiti. This group of people put forth vital information including usable roads and road names, remaining hospitals and police stations, locations of camps set up for displaced people, and where water sources were located. With the devastating earthquake many vital records were lost, so the group wanted to put forth a damage assessment and rebuilding strategy with one of the local ministers they have previously worked with. The maps consist of as much relevant and accurate geographic data as possible. The students produced the maps both digitally and by hard-copy due to the lack of technology in Haiti.  “Group members included: Marta Ribera, Michael Mann (GRS’08,’12), Carlyn Hall (GRS’12), Asnakew Yeshiwondim (GRS’08,’12), Maryne Shephard (SHA’07, GRS’11), Jared Newell (GRS’10), Center for Remote Sensing Research Associate Professor Magaly Koch, and Nathan Phillips and Sucharita Gopal, both CAS geography and environment professors, Maxwell Metcalfe (CAS’12) and Jennifer Stacy, administrative assistant at the center. ” The picture to the left shows one of the maps they produced of the damage assessment in Port-au-Prince.

(Picture left taken from:; Picture right taken from:

If you are interested in helping the people of Haiti as these people have, you can visit the IM Haitian Aid website by clicking here. This website is devoted to making information available about the support for the Haitian Earthquake victims and about the relief efforts being put forth. The site lists organizations involved, donation information, interactive maps displaying news updates, foreign aid information and health care access, as well as videos and multimedia discussing what the U.S. is doing to help. This website is strictly a volunteer effort hoping to bring as much information as possible to the public to inform them on what they can do to contribute to the Haiti relief efforts.

Full Article on Students Producing Maps for Haiti

IM Haitian Aid

Sources:  Caleb Daniloff of BU Today, IM Haitian Aid

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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