Free GIS Datasets and Online Resources Related to the Haiti Earthquake

The CGA, Center for Geographic Analysis, is currently processing and publishing maps and GIS datasets related to the Haiti Earthquake. These maps and datasets are available for free access on the ‘Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal’. The CGA will be responsible for ‘georeferencing the maps, converting file formats, processing and packaging data into easily downloadable archives, and publishing them onto a website for Haiti Earthquake Data’. The CGA was able to have a quick response due to the portals original launch after the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. Funding is coming from the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and coordination is in existence with Talbot Books of Delta State University, Mississippi; emergency organizations, such as FEMA; and the U.S. Coast Guard. The main goal is to provide the public with georeferenced images and GIS data to assist them in the course of the response process.

To view the free downloadable Haiti Earthquake Data, click here.

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern

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